Italy – Photo Gallery

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13 thoughts on “Italy – Photo Gallery

  1. Tony Morris

    Fantastic gallery Liz. You should be very proud of these photos.

  2. Patti

    What can I say? These are a work of art. Just beautiful!

  3. Gloria McHarg

    Magnificent photos Liz. You truly are wonderful sharing these fabulous images with everyone. I miss Italy!

    • Hello Gloria,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes – Italy is a wonderful place. Everywhere you go there are wonderful sights let alone the food, the wine, and the men!!!

  4. Julie faint

    Now Italy is very very hard to choose and I can’t decide as every single pic is wonderful!!!!!!
    All of these can be easily be created into greeting cards and I bet they would sell – maybe sell as a pack of 10?????

    • Hi, Yes – I can make greeting cards out of any image. The cards come in packs of 5,10, 20 or more. Let me know if there is a particular image/s and I will make some cards for you…

  5. Jessica Soulantzos

    Gorgeous photos Liz. Great for another momento book!

  6. Fantabulous photos Liz…

  7. KateD

    Ponte Vecchio / Grappa / Zucchini flowers / Sunrise Over the Vineyards / The Marche – these, for me, are the stands outs in a gallery of stunning images. I want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  8. Louise Verrier

    All superb and impressive photos of Italy, Liz. My favourite would have to be…..Blue Shutters – Noto Sicily. This photo immediately takes me back to Noto and brings to life ALL my wonderful memories of a perfect holiday in Sicily. Thanks

  9. Jacki

    Excellent photos that make me want to grab the first flight to Italy! You’ve really captured the essence of an amazing country. For a moment I thought that was George Cluny playing the violin 🙂

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