Africa – Photo Gallery

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6 thoughts on “Africa – Photo Gallery

  1. Patti

    So many stunning images, they are all outstanding! I especially love the beautiful silhouette of the elephant crossing the Zambezi River framed by the fuchsia sunset and reflection on the water. Brilliant!

  2. Julie faint

    The best pics – leopard in the tree and cubs at watering hole are the ones that stand out for me…

  3. Amazing photos! Captured the essence of Africa.

  4. KateD

    Zebra / Lion waking up / Cape buffalo / Leopard – Botswana / Elephant crossing the Zambesi River – all the images are beautiful, Liz, but these ones really stood out for me … xx

  5. Louise Verrier

    Gosh Liz, I feel like all these animals are actually in the room with me while I view the collection – the photos are so clear, perfect and life-like. My favourite one is…cubs at the waterhole Namibia……I wonder what is going through the minds of each cub and the parent as they drink but only while keeping a watchful eye on the camera?

  6. Jacki

    Stunning shots. So hard to choose but my #1 favourite is the lioness and cubs walking through the grass.

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