Quinces - $95- 40cm x 30 cm - SOLD

Quinces – $95- 40cm x 30 cm – SOLD

My Art

In the recent years I retired to the wonderful Southern Highlands of NSW south of Sydney. Being surrounded by natural beauty, green lush farmland, quaint villages and wildlife has set the stage for me to indulge in a new passion of drawing and painting.  Mentored by successful and professional local artists I have found that painting is not only meditative but also exhilarating. I have worked in watercoliours, acrylics and oils.

I am always experimenting with new ideas and subjects. However – still life seems to be my forte. The relationship of the object and light is fascinating and can create some interesting and satisfying pictures.

In 2016 I held a successful solo show where I received a number of commissions. I continue to develop my skills through on going training and tuition.

I sell my works locally and internationally. I am available for commissions and open to your suggestions for topics and colour if you are keen to have a work that compliments your collection of its surroundings.


Ponte Vecchio - Firenze - Italy

Ponte Vecchio – Firenze – Italy

My Travels

My travel destinations have included Europe, particularly Italy where I have spent many holidays, renting villas, studying Italian at language schools, having a blast at cooking classes, discovering photography through the help of some talented tutors, and most recently, learning how to paint in watercolours.

While in Italy, I enjoyed soaking up the Italian way of life – “la dolce vita”, meeting the locals, and discovering how the Italians tick (that still may be a mystery). The food of Italy is one of my passions and has included many wonderful dining experiences from simple rustic fare to the heady atmosphere of 5 star restaurants.

I have also travelled in France, UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, Greece and Cyprus and other stops on the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas. Visits to the USA and Canada have acquainted me with that neck of the woods. South and Central America are places yet to be discovered.

Further afield, I have visited Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and South West Africa including Botswana and Namibia, South Africa and Mauritius.

Closer to home, I have travelled to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam and New Zealand and Bali.

Recently, I retired after 20 years as CEO of my business in human resource consulting. To unwind and decompress form the rigors of corporate life, I spent six months travelling. This included taking 40 flights (from the A380 to a 4 seater bush plane in Namibia), staying at a myriad of hotels and apartments, , cruising the Baltic, riding in jeeps across the desert in Africa, sailing up the Nile and marvelling at the ancient wonders of Egypt and much, much more.

These locations and experiences have inspired me to capture “the moments” with my interests in photography and writing a journal which I am now blogging. I hope that you like my stories.



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  1. Colleen Johansson

    Gee Elizabeth – how lucky to have someone so fabulous in my life !

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